What Andy Rooney Can Teach Us About Finding A Job That Brings You Joy

Retirement is a common topic among people of all ages. For most, it’s a goal, and, financial concerns aside, something they have never considered NOT doing.

Apparently, Andy Rooney is an exception. He vowed to work until the day he died, and he came pretty close. Within just a few weeks of retiring from 60 Minutes, he passed away at age 92.

Though the money was probably nice, it’s doubtful that financial concerns are what kept him working. Same goes for Former President Jimmy Carter, Actress Betty White, and Journalist Barbara Walters. These people don’t HAVE to work, yet they choose to – why?

You may be thinking, “well, they have amazing jobs!” Some might think so, but EVERY job has its challenges. Plus, there are plenty of “regular people” who choose to keep working well beyond retirement age. There are even some arguments that doing so can keep you healthy and mentally sharp. And, the extra years of income certainly couldn’t hurt!

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the future. There may be real challenges that keep you from being able to work (including health issues or mandatory early retirement), and having a nest egg can help. However, maybe it’s worth remembering that there are some people out there who love their jobs so much, that don’t even consider retirement.

Not all of us are blessed to have figured out our career passions in high school or college. Still, it’s worth continuing to explore until you find the job that makes you so happy, you may never want it to end!