The David Blaine Levitation

If you saw the David Blaine levitation in the David Blaine Street Magic TV special that took the magic (and non-magic) world by storm, the top question in your mind must have been “How did David Blaine levitate?”

Blaine’s levitation looked so unprepared and impromptu. It was literally performed in broad daylight out on the streets with people watching from just a few feet away. Maybe that was why it captured so much attention even though most people have watched magicians performing levitation on TV for ages.

How was the levitation performed? Was it a camera trick or was it a really good magic trick? The answer is “Yes” to both questions.

As a magician myself, I don’t believe in exposing magic secrets here. However, I also don’t believe in “enhancing” a magic trick with some camera effects to make it look more incredible than it would look if you were right there in the audience.

What the people saw on the streets during shooting was not as spectacular as what was shown on TV. The nice spectator reaction shots were captured while David Blaine performed the Balducci Levitation which gives a good illusion of both feet rising a few inches off the ground. Anyone can learn this easily and perform it impromptu almost anywhere, provided that you follow a few basic rules.

The TV scene which shows David Blaine levitating for about two feet off the ground is actually a camera trick shot that was done in the studio at another time and edited in together with the spectator reaction shots.

There is no impromptu magic trick as yet that allows you to rise up to two feet in the air. However, one that comes very close and gives an excellent illusion of both feet leaving the ground is the King Rising levitation. Another great self levitation with much better viewing angles, although not so impromptu, is the Elevator levitation.

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