Backgammon Middle Game

Once the game has started and the first few moves have been made, the game will begin to take some sort of form. It will be recognized as a back game, a run¬ning game, etc.

There are too many kinds of games to warrant dis¬cussion of them individually. Instead, a few guidelines can be presented, but the rest must come from expe¬rience. Soon, however, in the play section, the reader will be able to play backgammon and to see what it’s about. Many specific situations will come up, which will be discussed in their turn.

If a player has some of his opponent’s men trapped, he should attempt to get them behind a 6-point prime (6 points in a row). The risks to be taken must be de¬termined by the dangers of being hit.

Here, it is quite safe to slot a man on the bar. If white gets hit, he will have no trouble coming back in. Should he not get hit, he may be able to cover and will have a prime. He will almost surely win the game and likely a gammon. On the other hand, in Diagram 4.2, white doesn’t want to try that play. If he should be hit, he would have almost a sure loss.

Here, since he can’t afford to be hit, he must play in as safe a fashion as the dice permit.

Often a player will find that his opponent has man¬aged to escape safely with his back checkers. Should this happen, he shouldn’t despair. The one thing he must not do is to stop making points on his board. Black’s men may have gotten out safely, but they are not necessarily all the way home.

If, instead of the good board here is a sloppy board with few points and many blots, then things are not so good for white.Black can play 6-2 by bringing a man onto his board from the 12 point.

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