Lottery Winners Who Weren’t Exactly the Brightest Bulb in the Pack!

Here are lottery winners who went completely broke!

9 – David Lee Edwards Can you guys imagine being on both ends of life? A life where you’ve been in jail, but where also you flew in a private plane between your homes? Well, that basically describes David Lee Edwards, a convicted felon from Ashland, Kentucky, who won a $27 million dollar lottery jackpot back in August 2001.

But his ridiculousness free-spending ways left him and his wife broke and living in a storage unit within just FIVE years of winning 27 million dollars! If you’re wondering how someone can blow 27 million in 5 years, you’re definitely not alone. Let’s do some really quick math here.

In his first year as a millionaire, Edwards spent TWELVE MILLION. SOMEone didn’t do their math right! So yeah there goes almost half his money right there. Edwards bought a $1.6million, 6,000-square-foot house in a private tennis and golf community in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He spend $600,000 on another home nearby. He paid $1.9 million for a LearJet, bought three losing racehorses, and bought a fiber optics installation company and a limo business for $4.5 million.

I’m gonna guess he probably didn’t exactly to do the discounted cash flows for THOSE acquisitions. Oh yeah, he also bought his daughter a $35,000 Hummer golf cart to drive around because she couldn’t actually drive at the time. At one point, he had a million dollars in vehicles parked in front of his house.

His neighbors complained that his house in the upscale community started to look like a car dealership! You guys know the end. Because of his reckless YOLO spending, he lost every last penny of his $27 million fortune and died owing thousands of dollars to friends.

8 – Callie Rogers Callie Rogers was just a 16 years old kid living in foster care when she won 1.9 million pounds in the lottery in 2003. As you guys can expect, her spending spree began prrrretty much immediately! Callie forked out £11,500 pounds on not one, but TWO boob jobs, £300,000 pounds on clothes, make-up and tattoos. Well, at least she only spent £85,000 pounds on sports cars. Buuuuut hold up, she did spend a quarter of a million pounds on uh….nose candy. Callie spent an additional £250,000 pounds on vacations around the world, and get this, she also spent £118,000 pounds on gifts to her former boyfriends!

I mean…..who and what DIDN’T she spend on her money on? Basically, as expected, she spent all her money, and in 13 years, she just has around £2,000 pounds left in the bank. She actually called her win a curse, because she said that she felt the pressure of having to live it up with the expectation of having a party lifestyle after winning the lottery.

More money more problems I guess, because she now lives with her three kids and says she’s “happier than ever”.

7 – William Post Way back in 1988, William “Bud” Post III was the winner of a Pennsylvania Lottery jackpot worth $16.2 million dollars. On the day he won the jackpot, he had just two dollars and forty six cents in his bank account!

I guess when you have that little money in your bank account and play keno games canada, you feel like a little over 16 million In the two weeks after Post collected the first of his 26 annual payments of almost $500 thousand dollars, he spent more than 300,000 dollars on gifts and investments. Those investments included things such as a liquor license, a lease for a restaurant in Florida, and a used-car lot. He also bought an airplane to fly around in, even though he didn’t have a pilot’s license. Well, at least it wasn’t a private jet.

In just three months, his debts totaled $500,000 dollars! That’s a million dollar turnaround in the wrong direction! But listen to this story.

I guess he and his brother weren’t exactly on friendly terms, so his brother actually had it out for him. His brother actually hired someone to go after him and his SIXTH wife! However, his brother’s plan failed and he was arrested. His intentions were to get Post’s winnings as an inheritance.

This pretty much kinda summed up the rest of the time for Post’s payments; each of the checks came just to pay off debts and Post never actually was in the green except the day he got his first check. By the end of his life, Post was a million in the red.

6 – Sharon Tirabassi On Easter weekend back in April 2004, Sharon Tirabassi, a 35 year-old resident of Hamilton cashed a check from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation for a little over 10 and a half million canadian dollars. Well, I’m just gonna make a long story short; she blew threw the 10 mill in less than 10 years.

She gave her parents a million and then split another 1.75 million between her four siblings. She then took friends on wild, all-expenses-paid trips to Cancun, Florida, Las Vegas, California, the Caribbean. Of course, she also bought cars. A Hummer, a Mustang, a Dodge Charger, and a custom Cadillac Escalade.

She also bought houses and rented them out at a low rent for her friends, and she offered loans for things such as bail and business ventures, and obviously the money never came back. Although it doesn’t seem like Sharon spent ridiculously, all that money adds up. Sharon never hired a financial adviser; she didn’t even keep track of her account balance! Suddenly, with just $750,000 left, reality hit her hard, and she had to go back to real life.

However, there is a silver lining. What remained of her winnings when reality hit is in a trust for her six children. That and she actually didn’t go into debt!

5 – Gerald Muswagon You guys still wanna win the lottery yet? I have a feeling that winning the lottery and KEEPING the money is kinda like losing a lotta weight really quickly and then being able to keep the weight off! Gerald Muswagon won a nice even $10 million lottery jackpot back in 1998.

Immediately after his win, he did as pretty much every lottery winner does, and he went on a spending spree. Does anyone NOT spend any of their money and just live normally for a year or anything like that? I think it’d probably help to let things sink in for a little bit.

Muswagon bought new cars for his family and friends, and he also bought a new house that he basically turned into a party house for him and his friends. Making sure his friends were happy seemed to be a big theme because he supposedly also bought eight brand new big screen TVs for his friends in a 24 hour period! He did tried to start a profitable business in the logging industry, but unfortunately for Muswagon, sales were low and his business was really a liability. He easily blew through the lottery winnings in only a few years. Unfortunately, in a tragic and sad turn, Muswagon couldn’t take it anymore and ended everything in his parent’s garage.

4 – Vivian Nicholson Way back in 1961, a British woman named Vivian Nicholson had the opportunity of a lifetime.

Her husband Keith managed to win more than three and a half million pounds, a pretty big amount back then factoring in inflation. She told the press that her plans were to “spend spend spend.” And she wasn’t kidding. For the next few years she bought expensive cars, fur coats, vacations, and whatever else rich people buy. She lived a spectacular lifestyle that quickly caused her and her husband’s fortune to dwindle. However, when her husband Keith passed a in car crash, she was left with an enormous tax bill.

And on the top of that, what remained of her husband’s winnings belonged to his estate…not her! She actually became a Jehovah’s witness and wrote an autobiography entitled “Spend Spend Spend” which was of course about her experience. Somehow it was later adapted into a musical.

3 – Billy Bob Harrell Jr. It took Texas native Billie Bob Harrell Jr. less than two years to undo the good fortune that came with winning 31 million dollars from the lottery. In his case, he was just wayyyyy too nice.

After taking his family on vacation, he quit his job at home depot, gave money to his church, bought cars and homes for his friends and family, and gave away lots of money to charities. For example, he once donated close to 500 turkeys for poor families for Thanksgiving. However big his heart was, his ability to manage his wealth wasn’t all that great. You guys starting to notice a theme here? It seems that the trick is to not change your lifestyle at all, or at least WAIT a few months to really let things sink in.

Anyways, he decided to take a bad deal with a company who paid him a lump sum in exchange for his annual payouts from the lottery. H was obviously left with far less money than he actually won, and it only took 20 months for Billy Bob to blow through all the money. According to TIME magazine, he once told a financial adviser that winning the lottery was the worst thing that ever happened to him.

2 – Michael Carroll In 2002, when 19-year old Michael Carroll won the U.K National Lottery, he became something of a mini celebrity. Carroll won close to 10 million pounds, or just over 14 million US dollars. Carroll was working as a garbage collector for a living when he won the lottery, and Carroll didn’t even have a bank account at the time, so obviously he had no clue about handling any sort of finance whatsoever.

BUT, like a lot of lottery winners, Carroll claimed he planned to spend his money wisely and save most of it. Spoiler alert, obviously that didn’t happen! Instead Carroll became renowned for his partying and gambling habits. Now it’s worth noting that he already had a criminal record when he won and he was actually wearing an ankle monitor when he collected his check.

Carroll went and bought a mansion, one he named “The Grange,” where he threw crazy parties that I’m sure the neighbors loved. Oh yeah, he would also hold amatuer demolition derbies in his backyard! By 2012 he had spent all of his money, was broke, and camping out in the woods! If there’s some sort of a silver lining to somehow blowing through a $14 million fortune, he was able to drop his hug habit after losing all of his money.

He ended up working at a cookie factory making 300 bucks a week. He told the BBC that he appreciated those wages much more than the fortune he won. This dude lost all his money, but gained some perspective, so that counts for something…..I guess! But the last time I checked, perspective doesn’t pay any bills!

1 – Andrew Jackson Whittaker Jr. In 2002, Andrew Jackson Whittaker Jr won the powerball worth a ridiculous amount of money. In fact, at the time, Whittaker’s ticket was the largest single winner in the history of the U.S lottery! After taking the lump sum and taxes from the almost 315 million dollar jackpot, Whittaker Jr was left with a hundred and thirteen million dollars, give or take a few hundred thousand! Whitaker pledged 10 percent of his winnings to Christian charities and he also set up the Jack Whittaker Foundation.

So there’s $14 million right there. Okay, let’s get to the dumb stuff. While visiting a strip club, he left 545 grand in cash in his car. Who are you, Floyd Mayweather?! At least Mayweather has recurring cash flows!!

Obviously his car got broken into, and the money was gone. So that’s over half a mill gone right there. Apparently he didn’t learn his lesson, because months later, his car was broken into again and thieves made off with $200,000 in cash. Sigh. Sadly things only got worse.

He would go on to develop a bit of a gambling habit. He bounced a 1.5 million check at a casino in Atlantic City. And just as icing on the cake, his home caught fire in December of 2016. It turned out that he had never insured the home…so it was a total loss.

Seriously? No Insurance? HOWEVER, Whittaker actually was already a millionaire when he won. Maybe that’s why there actually really aren’t reports of him broke. However, with all the crazy things that’s happened to Whittaker, it may just be a toss-up!

Here’s what’s next!

Is She UNSTOPPABLE? | S5 E48 Poker Night in America

– [Announcer] From Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida this is Poker Night in America. (jazz music) – Hey, hey, hey, it is still ladies’ night and we are on Poker Night in America. – Single ladies, make noise! (record scratches) (crickets chirp) Never mind. – It’s our final night here at Seminole Hard Rock which means go big or go home, or just go regular, because it’s a cash game, and well, you know how that works. – Way to sell it, Chris.

How good must you be running in other aspects to have that mountain of chips then? I’m just playing a million hands. Well, you’re playing amazing!

Have you ever noticed I never have a good hand (laughs) I thought that was good. I’m just playing a lot better than everybody (laughs) – (Chris) Well you know, Natasha Mercier and Lexy Gavin are currently stuck a little bit, but fortunately, there’s still a lot of poker to be played. – All right, it is our last night of ladies’ night here on Poker Night, and right now, Samantha Abernathy is our biggest winner, and we’ve got a seat open. Seat six, anybody, come on, sit down. – [Joe] There’s actually a name on the list here.

It’s Josephine Staplefire. – [Chris] No, no. – [Joe] I’m just a wee girl looking for a wee game. – [Chris] No, you can’t do that, Stapes.

One of our ladies’ nights, I guess we did have Phil Hellmuth sat down and played a couple of hands, so… – [Joe] Phil defies gender. – [Chris] All right, this is Jessica Dawley, and she is raising the 150 with pocket tens. Cate Hall and her appearances on Poker Night in America include the grudge match with Mike Dentale, and unlike that night, we’ve actually got really good players against Cate tonight. (Joe laughs) – [Dealer] Reraise 650. Here comes the flop. – [Joe] All right, three ways to the flop.

Beautiful flop for two tens. – Check. – [Chris] Good flop for sixes for that matter, too. 950 to bet from Cate Hall. – [Joe] Dawley calls. Good fold, Jamie.

– [Dealer] Heads up. – [Chris] So it’s pocket tens and two overcards going to the turn. – Check. – [Joe] Not exactly a scare card.

Cate can keep repping. – [Chris] Cate did pick up the gutterball. – [Joe] Oh yeah, so maybe she’ll bet that. – [Chris] I would, I mean, but I’m terrible, so that doesn’t really equal anything. – [Joe] Explains why she checked.

– [Chris] (laughs) And there’s the river, and she gets there. – Check. – [Joe] Wow.

– [Chris] Yeah, look at that. – [Joe] That is such a good card. – [Chris] Cate Hall, in the last 25 seconds, has just caught more gutterballs than I have in the past decade, so congratulations.

– [Dealer] Bet. – [Chris] 3850, the bet from Cate Hall. – [Joe] She just backed her way into this so beautifully, I don’t see how two tens gets away. – [Dealer] Call. Straight. – God, how do you do it?

I even have two blockers. – [Joe] That was gross. – Nice hand. – [Joe] Whoo, horrible.

– [Chris] Just a reminder, you can win a free seat at this poker table and play against the pros on national television. To win, simply download our new free poker app, play some hands, and you qualify to enter our grand prize sweepstakes. It’s totally free with no catch, so pull out your phone and download it now.

– [Sam] I don’t have anyone watching. – Me either. – I mean, not that it really matters. – [Natasha] I asked Jason to watch, and he was… I did it for him all day yesterday.

It was like, “There is football today, sorry.” – [Jessica] What a guy. – [Natasha] I know. – [Sam] Marsh is watching. – [Natasha] Marsh is watching in her room, for sure. – [Sam] Yeah.

(laughs) – [Joe] They’re talking about a dog, everyone. – [Sam] Oh, I can’t wait to see my cat. – [Natasha] He’s got his own little computer. (laughs) – [Sam] And it’s mini. – [Natasha] Yeah, it’s super cute. (laughs) – The background is you.

(laughs) – [Joe] Gavin’s whiffed, and it looks like she is gonna run a bluff. – [Natasha] It’s not me anymore. It’s Jason.

– [Sam] Yeah. – [Joe] Cate keeping her honest. – [Sam] He bumped you down the list. – He only sleeps next to me, that’s it. The whole day, he ignores me. – [Joe] Unfortunately, Lexy could very well think this is the perfect card to continue on.

– [Jaime] I thought you were talking about Jason. (players laugh) – [Jessica] So did I. – Him too, actually.

– [Jaime] I was like, “Maybe I could handle a marriage. “It sounds fine.” (players laugh) – [Sam] Actually, I’m rethinking this. – [Chris] Well, she continues the action.

1200 is her latest bet. – [Joe] And I think Cate’s in the perfect spot to just keep calling. – [Chris] That she does.

So this pot now approaching five K. Two pair for Hall on the river. Didn’t need it, but got it anyway. – [Jessica] I already had two of them.

(laughs) – [Joe] She wasn’t folding before, and she’s definitely not folding now. The least she could do is bet and take away Lexy’s opportunity to bluff this. – [Sam] From the minibar? – [Jessica] No. (laughs) – [Sam] From where?

– [Jessica] I brought a bag. – [Sam] Oh. – [Joe] Nope. – [Jessica] Since we’re wondering. – [Jaime] Since I remembered. (players laugh) – [Jaime] Once the flop’s over, if you don’t call it… – [Jessica] Yeah, if you didn’t call it, let’s do that.

– [Sam] That’s what I said when you interrupted the middle of the hand. – [Jessica] It’s more fun. – [Chris] Lexy, this is a commendable effort. You’ve done your absolute best here. This is just bad timing.

It’s not you, it’s her. – I had… – Yeah, nice hand. – [Chris] Just some really terrible timing, like needing to go commercial just when things are getting good.

– Now you’re thinking I’m like (mumbles). (laughs) Actually, I should want you thinking that, (bleep). – [Chris] Cate Hall is a force to be reckoned with, adding over 11 grand to her stack to start the evening. We’ve got more table captain Cate when we return. – [Joe] Welcome back to Sauvignon Blanc Night in America.

Don’t tell Kimo Sabe. (Chris laughs) Don’t worry, I’m gonna make it up to them with some good old-fashioned product placement. – (laughs) It’s because I was mean to you once. – [Chris] Poker Night is brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal. – I don’t remember that, but I can totally believe that because I have like a frightening emotional reaction.

(Natasha laughs) – [Jaime] Are you gonna play the side thing, or are you in the tournament? – [Jessica] Now I’m like, now it’s you. – [Jaime] It’s me this time. – I’ll pass it on. – I’m gonna play that side thing tomorrow. – [Cate] Oh, I remember what it was, okay.

(laughs) – No, don’t remember. I didn’t mean to make you remember. – Yeah. Okay, I’ve forgotten again.

(laughs) – [Natasha] I also grew up after that. – [Joe] Let’s keep the white wine a-flowing. Sam, don’t put that glass there. – [Chris] That is the definition of the word precarious.

(Joe laughs) Is it not? – [Natasha] I’m gonna go get wine. – [Chris] Right now, in the truck, there’s about three guys who are just absolutely losing it that that wine might spill. Oh good, you just took them off the ledge. That’s nice. Flop is Jack high, but two spades, so that gives both players a little something.

– [Joe] Top pair for Sam, nut flush draw for Jamie. – [Natasha] Hi, can I get to Chardonnay please? I’ll come get it in a second.

– [Chris] And Kerstetter is there. – [Joe] Sam drawing dead on this turn, and I like that Jamie’s not slowing down at all. – [Jessica] Cate, how long you staying for? – [Cate] Here? I don’t know.

I haven’t booked a flight yet. I’m going to– – Are you playing the bounty tomorrow. – [Cate] What? – Are you gonna play the bounty tomorrow? – [Chris] And Jamie’s got the stone cold nuts on this river. – [Natasha] Yes.

– [Cate] I don’t, I haven’t even looked at the schedule because I just seemed there would be a day two. What is it? – I wish they would let you direct buy. – [Cate] What is the bounty? – 1650.

– It’s good. 1650, 500 bounty. – [Cate] If there’s any tournament scheduled tomorrow, almost guaranteed I would get in, so… – Yeah. – [Chris] Sam getting a little loosey-goosey.

– Nope. – Wow. (players laugh) See, hair and makeup, it’s the heat. – It’s Desiree, you could get her so much business. – [Cate] How good must you be running in other respects to have that mountain of chips, then?

– [Sam] I’m just playing, like, a million hands. Haven’t you noticed, I never a plan, I never have good hand. (players laugh) – [Cate] I’m just a lot better than everybody. (players laugh) – [Sam] No, I mean I’m just playing, no. – [Joe] Man, those empty wine glasses are piling up. I am starting to like Josephine Doubtfire’s chances in this game.

Oh, I just want to play it a few hands, dearie. – [Chris] You gonna cover your face with frosting, too? – [Joe] One sugar or two? – This is it, this is my time. – [Dealer] 100 more. – [Natasha] It’s 100 more.

– Oh, police over there. – [Joe] All right, we are going three ways to this flop. Maybe it Sam’s turn to make the nut flush. Hey, and flop the nut flush draw she does as well as a gut shot. Checks around.

– [Chris] Right now, ace high is… Oh, never mind. (Joe laughs) Queen comes on the turn, so that pulls Mercier ahead. – [Jessica] Next to the tournament, playing so much better. – [Jaime] What do you mean? Oh, yeah. I kept way too much.

(laughs) I kept a lot of that (drowned out). – [Joe] Sam is gonna bet this hard though, and hope as she gets called, she gets there. – [Chris] Hey, you can’t win the lottery unless you buy the tickets, you know what I mean? – [Joe] You gotta be in it to win it. – [Chris] She gets a call from Natasha, who hit the queen on the turn, and Abernathy does make her nut flush on the river. – [Cate] Just the tiniest bit of discipline.

– I know, (mumbles). – Your hand is so (drowned out). – Can’t do it. – Good call. – You can’t slow roll me.

(players laugh) (Chris laughs) – Wow. – Neither of you guys are good at slow rolling at all. – [Joe] That’s because it’s terrible. – [Chris] You shouldn’t be good at slow rolling. Is that what you’re saying? – [Joe] Exactly.

– [Jaime] But like, yeah. – It makes them wait because they can’t, like, touch you. – And you’re small, like they don’t get it. – And I think they can, like, hear your voice, but don’t process that you’re, like, on the… – [Jessica] They can’t find you, yeah.

– [Joe] Are we talking about dogs again? – [Chris] Yeah, man. – But I read a different study that said, like especially for pigs, like potbelly pigs and dogs, if you leave your TV on PBS, they don’t like actually learn things, but it’s just like they feel like a (drowned out). – [Chris] I’m gonna do that with you in the hotel room, Stapes. I’m gonna leave PBS on, see if you can learn a few things. – [Joe] Best of luck with that.

– [Jaime] I used to leave Animal Planet on for Littlefoot, but I felt like it was too aggressive. – [Joe] The only thing my hotel TV ever gets tuned to is usually blocked by the front desk. I leave the TV on for my dogs, but I leave it on pause. Get it? (crickets chirp) – [Sam] I think it has something to do with, like since PBS is like a learning for children… – [Joe] I’ll get my coat.

– [Jaime] It’s just someone talking. – [Chris] That joke was pretty rough. – [Sam] It was like directed at children, you know, and it’s like positive reinforcement stuff, and it was somehow connected to dogs… – [Jaime] That’s because it soothes them, whatever. – [Sam] Yeah. – [Chris] Diamonds all over the place here, and look at that, two more come on the flop. – [Joe] This could very very well be a shame.

– Yeah, Crouton gets like a little stressed. Like, I’ll FaceTime him when Chris is at home and I’m not, and he definitely, like he looks and he turns his head, and he doesn’t look happy. – Yeah, yeah. That’s how I feel with Beast. The only time I felt like he wasn’t sad when I picked him up, he was with my friend Jennifer, and she has a nine-year-old daughter, and I think the entire week he was like, he felt cozy at home. You know what I mean?

– 2550. – [Joe] Ooh, a raise. This could be the moment I’ve all been waiting for.

– I’m literally just trying to figure out how much you have because I’m meta-counting. – Oh sorry. – No, no, no. – Sam, calculator. – Got it. – [Jaime] It’s fine.

(players laugh) – [Sam] Have you seen Big Daddy. – [Jessica] Yeah, of course. – [Sam] How come they’re not easy ones. – [Jessica] Hip hop, hip hop anonymous. (laughs) – [Joe] This could very well be a shame. Cate’s never folding the nut flush draw, and Natasha’s never folding the straight flush draw, so my guess is it could all be going in here.

– [Jessica] Half my family’s like that with… – [Sam] And Liar Liar. – [Chris] Got a call from Cate. – [Jessica] My family’s like that with Christmas Vacation, Home Alone. – [Sam] Home Alone over and over.

Because that was like a little bit earlier than the Big Daddy days, but Macaulay Culkin (drowned out). – [Chris] All right, 7450 in the pot as we go to the turn. – [Sam] And then, we saw him another movie, (drowned out) this movie. (Jessica laughs) – [Joe] Natasha gets there with her straight, and she had better pray to dog that she does not improve to a flush. Wow, Cate just folds the nut flush draw.

I love it. Nice fold, Cate Hall. – [Chris] Unless the river was a diamond, then not so much. (announcers laugh) But the world will never know.

When we return, we have got a treat for you. We’re gonna play more poker. – I’ve got too much money. I’m not disciplined. – Too much money syndrome. I’ve never had it before, but one day.

– [Joe] This is season five, episode 48, the one where they play more poker. – Feeling like next year’s gonna be the year. (laughs) – [Sam] Next year. – I’ve been saying that for like the past 14 years. It’s gonna happen, eventually.

(laughs) Welcome back to Poker Night in America. – You know what, Chris? I was thinking, for legal reasons, I should probably go over all the release forms. – [Chris] Yeah, you can do that right after I white out everyone’s phone numbers and addresses. – I’m good on the release forms. – [Chris] More ladies’ night at Seminole Hard Rock with Joe Stapleton.

It is Chris Hanson. – I’ve never seen someone get back to even 200 at a time. – [Jessica] Me? – I feel like it’s happening, yeah. – [Jessica] No, that’s how I do.

– [Sam] That’s how I do. (laughs) – [Chris] Straddle’s on. – [Jessica] I don’t rebuy, I try to do it. – [Jaime] You’re doing it.

– [Chris] Jamie Kerstetter’s in for 100 dark, and Cate Hall has aces, hoo-ra. – [Jessica] Let’s see how well. – [Jaime] Yeah, you’re only down for five, right? – [Jessica] Yeah. – [Cate] Everyone’s stuck.

– I know. I’m really not, actually. – [Cate] You’re the only one stuck. – Three?

– [Sam] What is the pink one, five? – [Chris] Just 200 more to defend that straddle. – Five K? – Yeah. – [Jessica] It’s a chocolat.

– [Dealer] Heads up. – [Sam] Hmm? – [Jessica] I said chocolat, not chocolate. (laughs) – [Chris] So Jamie’s flopped a flush draw. – A chocolat? – Chocolat.

Have you ever seen that movie? Do you know that movie Chocolat with Johnny Depp. – [Sam] No. (laughs) – [Jessica] It’s almost a– – [Sam] Are you sure it’s not called Willy Wonka? – (mumbles) her picture? – Oh Sam, send it Sam.

– [Jessica] Sorry. – [Natasha] Wow, what? – [Sam] Ooh, a song. – [Jessica] Ooh, song, send it. – [Joe] Jamie, trying to not look too eager about this draw.

– [Sam] Are you sure? – [Jessica] Are you sure it’s not called Willy Wonka? I think it probably is.

– [Sam] (laughs) Willy Wonka. – [Joe] This is a really good and safe card for Cate to bet pretty big. She can get value from pairs and protect against draws.

– [Jessica] Yep, just came out. – [Joe] And Jamie’s definitely gotta call this with her increased increased equity now that she’s made a pair. – [Sam] I saw the part one of the last Hunger Games in theater, and I was so excited to see the next one. I was like, couldn’t believe I had to wait a year, you know, and then like, this last week, I was like, “Did that movie ever come out?” (players laugh) – [Jessica] I think there’s three of them now. (laughs) – [Chris] So Kerstetter looking for a diamond, another five, or an eight on the river.

– [Jessica] I really liked that movie Hunger Games. Did they ever make a sequel? Finding Nemo too. It just came out last week. – [Sam] I know. I kinda wanna see it, but I’m afraid I’m gonna be let down because I saw the… (laughs) – [Natasha] I’ve never seen the first one.

– [Jessica] She still thinks I’m talking about– I said Finding Nemo came out last week. – [Sam] Yeah. – [Jessica] Think about it. – [Joe] If she’s gonna bluff this, she’s gotta make it big. – [Sam] The second one, the new one.

– [Jessica] Finding Dory. – [Sam] Oh, okay. (laughs) – [Natasha] Oh. – [Sam] Oh, my gosh. – [Natasha] I didn’t even get it.

– [Joe] Just don’t see aces getting folded. – [Jessica] Think about it, anyone. – [Joe] Cate just said she had too much money and was making too many calls.

Jamie caught with her hand in the cookie jar. – Nice hand. – Thank you. – [Joe] Pair of fives, no good.

– [Jaime] How do you call me? I’m such a nit. – No. (players laugh) – [Chris] Boy, Cate Hall is doing everything right here tonight on Poker Night in America.

– That was a respectful call. – Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. When people say, “I’m giving you credit,” and they fold, I’m like, “No, you’re giving me no credit when you fold.”

– Exactly. – [Joe] I wish people would stop giving me credit. My interest payments are insane. (Chris laughs) – [Chris] Poker Night in America is brought to you by Sit & Go 2.0. – [Dealer] Raise, 300. – [Chris] Kings for Cate Hall.

She makes it 300, and Gavin calls. Now to Sam Abernathy out of the small blind. – When Sam gets quiet. (laughs) – I know.

You know she’s up to something. (Sam laughs) – Also, she’s looking at me for a raise. I haven’t looked yet. I’m like… (players laugh) I feel like I have a good (drowned out by laughter). – I hadn’t looked yet, either. I was like, “Let’s go.”

Let’s go, right down the trash can. – Did you notice that? Sometimes I just look in awkward places.

(laughs) – [Chris] All right, back to Cate Hall. – [Joe] Let’s see if she puts in another bet or just calls for a little deception. – [Sam] I do that, too. – [Chris] Well, she can’t four-bet because that’s always aces. – [Jessica] Looking to see if there’s anybody out there.

– [Chris] So technically… – [Jessica] Whoa, got them, (drowned out). – [Chris] see, she’s just gotta call. Even she knows the rules of the game. – [Joe] Not a real rule. – Do we have the same hand? – It’s not a good one.

– We must. – Probably not exactly the same hand. – (laughs) How do you know? – [Jessica] You both have four, five. – [Joe] Because there’s only four kings in the deck. – [Jessica] Wow.

– Are you sure? – We literally cannot have exactly the same hand. (Sam laughs) – [Joe] Sam continues really small, smaller than her pre-flop raise, totally fine in this situation. – Do you feel like that hits your range?

– (laughs) That hits my range, for sure. – [Jessica] Nailed it. – [Joe] Well, that’s Sam’s story, and she’s sticking to it. – [Cate] Oh, my God. – Oh, sorry. Not gonna get that.

– [Chris] 3500, this pot worth over $10,000 before Cate calls, folds, or raises. – [Jessica] You can do it. Yeah, let’s go. – [Chris] Cate Hall does call, so now we’re over 14,000 in the middle. – [Joe] Really not much out there for kings to be scared of. – [Jessica] I hope you double up through anyone but me.

– [Joe] And Sam Rivers a flush draw. Now would be a good time to wave the white flag. Oh, is she really gonna go for this? – [Chris] But now is also the time to just drop one last big stack of chips on the river to try to take this away. – [Joe] The board’s double paired, so she better make this full house sized. – All in.

– [Joe] And she does. She really, really went for it. – Huh?

I actually do think it hits your range. (laughs) Yeah. – [Chris] There go the kings. Wow, what a bluff.

– Show it, show it. We’re gonna see it anyway. – [Chris] Here it comes, boom. – [Players] Ooh.

– You were gonna see it anyway. – Yeah. – [Jessica] Nice hand, especially the river card. – Yeah. You have a pair? – You think?

(players laugh) – [Chris and Joe] Damn! – I say that because she’s a good friend, and she understands the context is like, “Yes, I feel like I am burnt by that hand, “but it’ll be fine in 10 minutes, “and then we’ll go get a drink.” (laughs) It’s just like part of the game for professional poker players.

and claim your free Sit & Go 2.0 strategy e-book. Welcome back to Hollywood, Florida. It’s time to take a look at our absolute final chip counts from our time here at Seminole Hard Rock. Samantha Abernathy was an absolute menace on the table, winning 24 grand. Cate Hall, despite being bluffed in that last hand, still finishes up 10.

Jamie Kerstetter and her dog, Crouton, (dog barks) well, they’re gonna take home nearly nine K. Jess Dawley leaves with just a small loss, so relax. And Lexy Gavin leaves with a bigger loss. And Kelly Minkin… (bomb explodes) – We’ll be back next time with more regular poker.

Not that we don’t love the typical male physique we feature on the show, but just saying, the ladies will be missed. – Ditto and deuces. If you want more Poker Night in America, we have a free social poker app that you can download and have your own poker night with your friends. It’s been updated now and also includes Omaha, and some lucky player is gonna win a seat on our show. Download that today for Apple or Android. It’s totally free.

And also, make sure you follow us on social media accounts including YouTube and Twitch where you can see full episodes, live streams, and get exclusive content. For everyone here at Poker Night in America, that’s Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris Hanson. Thanks for watching. Poker Night in America is brought to you by Kimo Sabe Mezcal and Sit & Go 2.0. – Good call.

– You can’t slow roll me. (players laugh) – Wow.

Backgammon Middle Game

Once the game has started and the first few moves have been made, the game will begin to take some sort of form. It will be recognized as a back game, a run¬ning game, etc.

There are too many kinds of games to warrant dis¬cussion of them individually. Instead, a few guidelines can be presented, but the rest must come from expe¬rience. Soon, however, in the play section, the reader will be able to play backgammon and to see what it’s about. Many specific situations will come up, which will be discussed in their turn.

If a player has some of his opponent’s men trapped, he should attempt to get them behind a 6-point prime (6 points in a row). The risks to be taken must be de¬termined by the dangers of being hit.

Here, it is quite safe to slot a man on the bar. If white gets hit, he will have no trouble coming back in. Should he not get hit, he may be able to cover and will have a prime. He will almost surely win the game and likely a gammon. On the other hand, in Diagram 4.2, white doesn’t want to try that play. If he should be hit, he would have almost a sure loss.

Here, since he can’t afford to be hit, he must play in as safe a fashion as the dice permit.

Often a player will find that his opponent has man¬aged to escape safely with his back checkers. Should this happen, he shouldn’t despair. The one thing he must not do is to stop making points on his board. Black’s men may have gotten out safely, but they are not necessarily all the way home.

If, instead of the good board here is a sloppy board with few points and many blots, then things are not so good for white.Black can play 6-2 by bringing a man onto his board from the 12 point.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

Improve Your Poker Game

Ok, its a little bit of a more general post this week. Here are some of the simple steps you can take to improve your poker game.

Everybody loves to play poker. Why not, since it can bring a lot of money (on paysafe card) and bragging rights when you win your home poker game. Being even a little bit casual and not focused on the game and you will find yourself losing your money. So you need to keep some simple things in your mind while you are risking your hard earned money in this game.

These are more guidelines to follow while you are playing and are some of the more basic tips for those who are just starting to play in tournaments and against their buddies. Some simple steps are listed below.

No need of playing every hand
Beginners always play too many hands and this causes them to lose early. Here’s a couple of pointers. The number of people at your table should dictate how much you play. If there are 9 or 10 people playing, then the most you will want to get involved is about 1 out of every 4 to 5 hands.

Once there is 6 or fewer, you have to change up and start playing more. If you don’t, then people will fold when you bet and take your blinds away from you. When you get down to the point where people are concerned about holding on to win some money, that’s when you start to bluff and take advantage of the other players weakness.

Похожее изображение
What hands should you fold? At a table with 9 or 10 players, depending on how many people are in or have yet to act, you may want to fold anything worse than a King-9 suited, Queen-jack or a pair of 8′s.

Drinking Deteriorates Thinking
I’m kind of proud of myself for that rhyme. Drinking too much alcohol may be fun and your more unpredictable. But you will predictably lose most of the time. Your judgment goes to crap when your Irish eyes are smiling.

Plus, you negate any advantages that you can take away from others like who is full of BS and who is likely to fold.

Guide on how to play different types of blackjack

Blackjack is most commonly played the game throughout the world. No gambler needs an introduction to blackjack. But the same game being played all around has some unique twist everywhere. Where ever you go, anywhere in world or online casinos to play Blackjack chances are so good that there will be some variations everywhere. Here is the international guide on playing all blackjack variations.

Super Fun 21: Players can do anything, i-e fold etc, on any two cards. Blackjack always outperforms a dealer’s blackjack plus getting a proper blackjack diamond will pay for 2 to 1.
Spanish 21: This game eliminates the 10 cards. Additional payments are available. A late surrender is an option and any number of cards is doubled.

Pontoon: Similarly (like the 10 cards that are taken from the deck of cards). The dealer keeps the no hole card and his other card is not showed till the end of the round. Ace has the value of one.

Double Exposure Blackjack: Two cards taken by the dealer have kept the face-up. Blackjack pays equal wealth, even though the player loses in a draw situation.

Blackjack Switch: Every player gets two hands, and a card in every/both hand can be changed. A decided blackjack pays equal money and a dealer is considered to be a push.

Multiple Action: Gamblers can go for several bets in one hand, even though the dealer receives one hand for each bet called by the gambler.

Chinese Blackjack: All the hands surely reach 16 while the dealer has an option to reveal the hands of certain players. He can get him again before establishing bets with other people involved in the game.

European Blackjack: The player can buy a security if the ace card is shown by the dealer. Blackjack pays off 3 to 2 and there is a game of betting before the cards are dealt.

Perfect Pairs: Similar to the above-mentioned game, this games even involves a bet on the cards the players get. They bet on getting the pair of cards.

Vegas Strip: If an ace is shown by a dealer or a 10-point card, check if there is blackjack before your turn. Folding can be done with either of the cards, whatever was your initial score. Players can try for three times and can fold after the split.

Atlantic City: This type of game let players fold on any of the 2 cards. If the dealer gets the ace or 10 pointers upward, he immediately takes a look at a card kept down and takes all table stakes in a blackjack.

Blackjack Surrender: Gamblers may yield their hand but they do not lose the whole, they lose half of what initial wager was.

High Streak Blackjack: Player can gamble on that he will win the back to bank cards of series. A streak of five will per ten to one.

21 Duel Blackjack: Usually played at online casinos, this game uses community cards and plays like the other versions of the game.

Crazy Blackjack: It gives more than one chance to gamble on your cards and the liberty to split, fold or buy insurance.

Multi-Hand Blackjack: Players can play 2 or hands per round. There are other variants of this game as well which off 2 or 3 hands in around.
Vegas Downtown: A two decks of cards game. If the dealer receives an ace or a 10-point card on initial face-up card, he checks the blackjack. If you have it, pick up all the bets on the waiting table for those also having blackjack

Red Dog Blackjack: A betting round begins, and then the player gets a couple of cards. The aim is to get chronological cards, but having three equal valued cards will pay 11 to 1.

What Andy Rooney Can Teach Us About Finding A Job That Brings You Joy

Retirement is a common topic among people of all ages. For most, it’s a goal, and, financial concerns aside, something they have never considered NOT doing.

Apparently, Andy Rooney is an exception. He vowed to work until the day he died, and he came pretty close. Within just a few weeks of retiring from 60 Minutes, he passed away at age 92.

Though the money was probably nice, it’s doubtful that financial concerns are what kept him working. Same goes for Former President Jimmy Carter, Actress Betty White, and Journalist Barbara Walters. These people don’t HAVE to work, yet they choose to – why?

You may be thinking, “well, they have amazing jobs!” Some might think so, but EVERY job has its challenges. Plus, there are plenty of “regular people” who choose to keep working well beyond retirement age. There are even some arguments that doing so can keep you healthy and mentally sharp. And, the extra years of income certainly couldn’t hurt!

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the future. There may be real challenges that keep you from being able to work (including health issues or mandatory early retirement), and having a nest egg can help. However, maybe it’s worth remembering that there are some people out there who love their jobs so much, that don’t even consider retirement.

Not all of us are blessed to have figured out our career passions in high school or college. Still, it’s worth continuing to explore until you find the job that makes you so happy, you may never want it to end!

Clever Teaching Tips

YOUR NEWEST BEST FRIENDS ARE THE SECRETARY AND CUSTODIAN These two staff members are extremely important and can be of immense assistance as you begin your teaching career and each school year. Each has detailed knowledge of the school, its culture, operating procedures and where things can be found.


WRITING SAMPLE Have students complete a writing sample on the first day of school. Ask your students to write what they would like you to know about them. You can model this by telling your students what you would like them to know about you. This not only gives you some information not found in formal school records (i.e., pets, favorite vacations spots, etc.), but it also serves an indication of their present writing skills. Save this and share it, along with other indications of growth, at the end of the year. when you meet with each student and individually review what then have accomplished during the school year.


BE SPECIFIC WHEN PRAISING STUDENTS When praising one or more students for an action, be specific about the action. Saying, “John, I really liked the way you are helping Meredith pick up the papers she dropped,” or “I like the way Monica and Zach are staying focused on their assignment,” is much better than simply saying “Good job.” By being specific, you are very clearly and purposefully identifying the students acting appropriately and the action you wish others in the class to emulate.


END OF EACH SCHOOL DAY At the end of each day have students summarize what has taken place during the day, what is expected to be returned at the beginning of school tomorrow, and provide a brief overview of what will be accomplished the next school day. Both my wife and I are educators and at dinner we would always ask our three children what they did and learned at school that day. Initially they would answer “Nothing,” but we knew better and would ask leading questions. Preparing students to discuss their day with parents, and preparing them for the upcoming day, is a valuable communication system for it allows students to keep their parents informed of what is taking place in your classroom.


THE DAILY SCHEDULE Let your students know what is going to happen every day. A great way to do this is to post a daily schedule. When children enter the classroom each morning, they love to run straight to the daily schedule to see what they can expect. Choose a spot in the classroom where the daily schedule is posted and use pictures or words to announce the day’s events. The children will feel like they are partners in the day and it might also be an invaluable reminder for you too. As a bonus, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they all learn to read the word “LUNCH.”


EVERYONE LIKES A LITTLE WARNING It seems like a little thing but it can have huge results. Always give your students a few minutes of warning before you end an activity. If it’s something that they are enjoying, it will be hard for them to stop. A quick announcement like “We will be cleaning up in three more minutes” gives them a chance to bring the fun to a conclusion or to put the last few touches on a work of art. If it’s a challenging activity, many students will want a chance to finish what they have worked so hard on. Some teachers set a timer for the last five minutes at the end of each activity so that everyone gets used to the amount of time they have to finish up.

Perform Street Magic Tricks And Send Your Spectators Screaming

Street magic started out very simply as being just magic tricks performed in the streets. This traditional form of the art is also known as busking, which is the act of performing live in public places in exchange for tips or donations. This kind of magic has existed for thousands of years in many different countries but there is very little mention of it in writing despite its long history.

Quite recently, street magic has become a popular performance style after being showcased in the 1997 ABC television special “David Blaine: Street Magic”. Since then, many other magicians have come onto the scene, among them being Criss Angel with his MindFreak television series.

This performance style has now evolved into something else known as “guerrilla magic”. Essentially this is a style where the magician performs a few illusions in a public place for a non-paying, unsuspecting audience. Due to the seemingly unrehearsed and unprepared nature of the illusions, the spectators will usually react with total shock and sometimes, even fear and panic.

Indeed, street magic has a tremendous impact on the audience when learned correctly and performed well. Besides just knowing the secret and practising hard so that you can perform each trick smoothly, the presentation is also very important. You should not present your magic as merely “tricks”. It is okay to be a bit mysterious and tell the audience that you would like to show them a “phenomenon” or “something strange”.

There is an old saying: “The magician is an actor playing the part of a magician”. Yes, your acting skills play a big role here. Play it up and build up the suspense until the climax of the trick erupts like a volcano. That is how you get the incredible spectator reactions that you see in the street magic TV specials.

So where can you go to learn the latest and best street magic tricks? I highly recommend Ellusionist which is the one-stop online resource for street magic. Here, you can find many of the tricks made popular by David Blaine and Criss Angel. There are also many wonderful tricks created by some young, upcoming, talented magicians. One of them is Wayne Houchin. If you haven’t heard of him yet, I am sure you will hear a lot about him soon.

What I like about Ellusionist is that almost all the training is done through high-quality, well-edited DVDs. When it comes to learning sleight-of-hand moves, I think reading from a book is just not good enough. Brad Christian is the instructor magician for most of the DVDs and he is a superb teacher as well as performer. His teaching is crystal-clear and everything is repeatedly shown from various camera angles.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, choose a few of your favourite tricks. If you’re just starting out, don’t be too ambitious. Learn and master a few tricks at a time. Practise hard and when you are ready, perform for your friends and family first. This way, you won’t be as nervous as performing for complete strangers. Finally when you are confident enough, go to a public place where people are not too busy and look like they won’t mind watching a magic trick. Parks, school fields, shopping malls, and cafes are good places to start.

I suggest that you do not pass out a hat and ask for money after your performance. This is because you might need permission and a permit from your local authorities if you are going to actually do “busking” in those locations. Another reason is that asking for money turns the miracles that you have just shown them into just a paid show. I feel that a lot of the impact and the mystery is lost. It would be better to do properly scheduled paid shows for people who have specifically invited you. Use your impromptu performance for people on the street as a training ground to hone your skills and routines.

Street magic is a powerful branch of magic. Learn it well, perform it well and enjoy!

Take Your Magic To New Heights With Levitation Magic Tricks

Levitation magic tricks have become the rage since the debut of the David Blaine levitation on his acclaimed Street Magic special. After  watching the TV special, everyone and his dog wanted to learn how to levitate. Although magicians have been doing the floating lady illusion for a long time, it did not have the impact on audiences the way that David Blaine’s self levitation did. The way it was shown on TV, it seemed to be completely impromptu and unprepared. He seemed to have just levitated up from the sidewalk in front of the crowds.

Levitation magic tricks can be grouped into two major categories:-

There are many different ways for performing self levitation, some more convincing than others. Here, I would like to highlight four of the most popular methods in use at this time.

  • The Balducci Levitation

This has been around for some time but was only popular after David Blaine used it in his TV special. This method doesn’t require any gimmicks and is completely impromptu. However, the audience is restricted to a back view of the magician’s feet.

  • The King Rising Levitation

This is a variation of the Balducci Levitation created by Corey King and allows the audience to see a side view of the magician’s feet. It is more convincing because both the performer’s feet are clearly seen to leave the ground. Although no gimmicks are used, it involves a bit more work to get into and out of the effect than the Balducci.

  • The Elevator Levitation

This is a more versatile levitation created by Peter Loughran that allows the audience to view the performer’s feet directly from the front. It also has better viewing angles and the magician can even turn his body while levitating. This method uses a gimmick that is quite compact but needs some practice to get used to. Peter has designed two versions of this. Elevator 2 has some enhancements that improves upon the first version.

  • The Criss Angel Levitation

Criss Angel has come up with a levitation that goes much higher than all the other methods. However, the drawback is that the magician has to turn his back on the audience and the viewing angles are not so good.

I believe that you can use several methods, depending on your performing situation. Act the part and believe that you are actually levitating and the illusion will be much more stronger and effective.

As for the other levitation magic tricks where the magician causes objects to float, there are many different methods used for different objects and it is impossible to go into all of them here.

The David Blaine Levitation

If you saw the David Blaine levitation in the David Blaine Street Magic TV special that took the magic (and non-magic) world by storm, the top question in your mind must have been “How did David Blaine levitate?”

Blaine’s levitation looked so unprepared and impromptu. It was literally performed in broad daylight out on the streets with people watching from just a few feet away. Maybe that was why it captured so much attention even though most people have watched magicians performing levitation on TV for ages.

How was the levitation performed? Was it a camera trick or was it a really good magic trick? The answer is “Yes” to both questions.

As a magician myself, I don’t believe in exposing magic secrets here. However, I also don’t believe in “enhancing” a magic trick with some camera effects to make it look more incredible than it would look if you were right there in the audience.

What the people saw on the streets during shooting was not as spectacular as what was shown on TV. The nice spectator reaction shots were captured while David Blaine performed the Balducci Levitation which gives a good illusion of both feet rising a few inches off the ground. Anyone can learn this easily and perform it impromptu almost anywhere, provided that you follow a few basic rules.

The TV scene which shows David Blaine levitating for about two feet off the ground is actually a camera trick shot that was done in the studio at another time and edited in together with the spectator reaction shots.

There is no impromptu magic trick as yet that allows you to rise up to two feet in the air. However, one that comes very close and gives an excellent illusion of both feet leaving the ground is the King Rising levitation. Another great self levitation with much better viewing angles, although not so impromptu, is the Elevator levitation.

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